Amharic Workbook


The book is a complete Amharic alphabet handwriting book that teaches students on how to write Amharic letters with simple stroke sequences. Most of the print font uses artful letter formation which are hard to use for handwriting practice. This colorful workbook provides handwriting practice guide using simple strokes and horizontal guidelines.

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The most widely used Amharic fonts in everyday print can be very confusing for handwriting because most of the fonts use artful letter formation. This book reinforces manuscript handwriting practice by using simple strokes and horizontal guidelines to assist students on how to practice Amharic alphabet writing.

This colorful workbook contains several worksheets for letter tracing and writing. Each of the alphabet or Amharic letter contains pronunciation guide and simple stroke styles for handwriting. After every four or five Amharic letter study pages, there are review and exercise sections for further practice. The review sections contain both words and illustrated figures for read and write practices. The words appearing in the review sections have been carefully chosen in keeping with the relevance to the practice sections. We recommend working in pencil rather than pen as this will allow for erasing and repeated use for letter writing practice. The book is designed to be a supplementary workbook. Though the book uses instructional guide in English, we also advise students to seek Amharic native-speaker guidance on pronunciation and intonation.

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paperback, hardcover