What are the payment method?

Currently, we accept PayPal and Credit Card for online payment. PayPal payment will be directed to PayPal payment site for processing.

What is PayPal Payment Method?

If you are not familiar with PayPal service, please visit for more information. It is a service that enables you to pay, send money or make an online payment. It is much safer for you to send payment online and all your payment details will be securely handled by PayPal only.

Ordering from Us

Kiazpora offers secure online ordering which allows you to instantly send your order to us for processing. If you have a compatible web browser, you may use our shopping cart interface ordering system. The best way to start your order is to browse our product or by clicking on any of the category links which appear on our menu. This will allow you to browse our product selection and choose items simply by clicking the thumbnail graphics. If you are unable to find an item on our web site, please contact us.

How to use credit card payment via PayPal Page?

After you click “Checkout to PayPal” Blue button, this will redirect your page to PayPal Page. So if you have not used any PayPal service before, the screen will automatically take you to the Credit Card Page. See the following message from PayPal Support Group – “Basically if PayPal detects you being a user and spots their cookie, they will show the PayPal Login form by default. However, if they can’t see that cookie, then they will show the credit card option first with a note that if you already have a PayPal account, to log in. “

I am a bookseller/wholesaler. Whom should I contact?

Email us with your information at or you can submit contact information.

Do you accept bulk order with discount?

Yes. We have a minimum order of 25 of the same book title. If you would like to place a bulk order,  please email us with your information at or you can submit contact information.