Our Story

About Us

Lack of resources and learning materials.

When we looked at the resources that provide language learning tools for children that can help them connect to their heritage, we recognized an opportunity created by the gap between what big corporations were offering and what we were looking for as parents and diaspora community members.

Our Mission

As parents …

We wanted multicultural books and educational  materials that our children would love and enjoy while helping them to enrich their minds and provide them with positive cultural influence

As Community Members …

We wanted our future generation to continue to be engaged in our rich cultural heritage even with rapidly modernizing and globalizing world.

As Children and Kids …

We wanted to have very colorful, well illustrated and variety selections of learning materials.

Our Offer

Currently, we offer Amharic, Tigrinya, Swahili, Afaan Oromo and Somali language teaching books aimed to support children at an early age. We use online ordering platform with secure payment transaction through PayPal and Credit Card checkout services.

Why Us

Professionally Illustrated and Published.

We are globally connected, we consult with technical expert and collaborate with various graphic designers from several countries in order to bring our communities the latest children’s product lines.

In addition to those wonderful community or faith based multicultural language schools, our book materials are primary intended to serve as a supplement and additional material children can enjoy.

Our Customers

Public Libraries.

Several public libraries carry some of our book collections. Their support and partnership has been tremendous. Libraries are one of the great places for community engagement and share several learning resources and materials.

Organizations and community centers.

Both faith based and non-profit organization have been using some of our products as  teaching tools and reading materials.

Parents and Teachers.

We are grateful to all parents, teachers and patrons who support us and generously purchasing our books directly from our online stores.



We have many wonderful volunteers who have generously given their time and effort to support our publishing work. We would like to mention just few people by name, with the full understanding that we run the risk of missing someone.

We are tremendously grateful to: Dawit Abiy, Samuel Abraham, Tedros Afenegus, Fiona Teshome, Josphat Waruhiu, Abdulmoti Sheikh Ahmed and to many others who are not listed here but they all deserve our acknowledgements, thanks and appreciation.

Our readers and fans

Thank you to our readers and fans for your  consistent support. We wouldn’t exist without your support, so we are grateful for it.