Fidel’n Q’alatn Tigrinya Workbook


A supplementary learning book on Tigrinya Alphabet and Words. Check the VIDEO tab below.

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This Tigrinya Learning Book is primarily designed for children. It presents letters of the alphabet with corresponding words and images. The book uses a visual learning method by adding colorfully illustrated images to help children to understand and memorize the alphabet and words of Tigrinya language.

It is a great learning resource for at home or in the classroom and allows parents to supplement their children’s learning in the areas they need it most. It combines colorful images with letters and words, focused activities to engage children while they grasp important concepts and skills in Tigrinya language. The book is designed to be a supplementary workbook. It uses instructional guide in Tigrinya and we also advise students to seek Tigrinya native-speaker guidance on pronunciation and intonation.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.25 in

paperback, hardcover