Tigrinya Bundle Deal Workbook


This bundle offer contains three books with two board books and a handwriting workbook.


This is a bundle offer with three books.

The first book contain “BeBu Fidelat Tigrinya” which is also known as the Tigrinya Alphabet Book.  Engaging and adorable artworks introduce toddlers with letters and corresponding Tigrinya words.

The second book contain Meseretawi Tigrinya Q’alat (Basic Tigrinya Words). Every words are in English and Tigrinya including phonetic sound for every pages. The book invites the children to learn the Tigrinya terms for animals, nature, transportation, home, fruits, vegetables, numbers, colors and more.

The third book is the Tigrinya Handwriting Workbook.

Weight 22.30 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in