M’dlay Q’al Tigrinya


This book contains pages of Word Search Puzzles in Tigrinya. It is a great way to engage children while learning both the Alphabet and Tigrinya vocabulary while solving puzzles.

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Keep children entertained for hours with word searches in Tigrinya language. This is a great way to introduce children many new Tigrinya vocabulary while having fun solving a puzzle. The book contains two sections: the First Section includes list of words that starts with the Tigrinya alphabet letters in a puzzle page. The Second Section includes themed word searches that covers topics on nature, animal names, fruits, vegetables and so on.

It will help parent or teacher how well the child’s pattern recognition is. Great for children to start recognizing words from forwards or downwards in the puzzle. It is designed to make it fun finding 6 to 9 words per puzzle, but not too challenging to avoid frustrating the children. There are several bonus pages with multiple choices and word exercises for more engaging questions that make the activity book fun for kids. It uses instructional guide in Tigrinya and we also advise students to seek Tigrinya native-speaker guidance on pronunciation and intonation.

ISBN: 978-1-946057-41-9

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.25 in

paperback, hardcover